Why Vegetarians and Vegans Should Abandon Tofu


Tofu is a staple for some vegetarians and vegans diets. It has been coined as a healthy meat alternative. However, there are various articles and accredited studies that have researched and concluded that tofu is dangerous for your health. The high levels of soy harmfully disrupt your body’s hormones and it can lead to different health problems.

What is Tofu?

Tofu is a soybean curd. It’s made from non-fermented and fermented ingredients. The main ingredient is soy and it’s a genetically modified organism. A high soy diet leads to different health complications.

Why you Should Stop Eating Tofu:



A study from the Journal of the American Dietetic Association published in July 1994 found that tofu and soy drink contain phytoestrogens. What makes phytoestrogens significant today is current research has found that tofu still contains phytoestrogens. What are phytoestrogens? Phytoestrogen is a plant-based estrogen. This plant-based estrogen mimics and removes the natural estrogen production. These findings greatly impact women’s health and phytoestrogens can lead to breast cancer.


What are antinutrients? How are antinutrients related to tofu? Tofu has phytate and phytate makes the signature texture of tofu. Which is similar to a jello texture. Phytate is known as an antinutrient. The health problems of phytate are rejecting the body’s mineral intake which causes the depletion of calcium, zinc, and iron. Like mentioned earlier, tofu is primarily made out of soy and soy contains various antinutrients, for example, lectins and saponins. Consuming large amounts or a consistent pattern of tofu can lead to various health complications like kidney stones, digestive distress, leaky gut syndrome, and etc.

Thyroid Disarrangement

The compound goitrogen is what makes soy itself. Goitrogen is also found in other vegetables but, every vegetable or food item is different and each contains different levels of goitrogens. The significance of goitrogens in soy are they act as thyroid blockers. This compound disturbs the thyroid hormone production and can cause hypothyroidism. This condition leads to high cholesterol, slow heart rate, and various threatening symptoms.

What are your thoughts?

Do you agree that soy and tofu are toxic? Do you disagree and think tofu is a great, healthy meat alternative? The Vegetarian Daily would love to know your side of the story. Comment below!








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